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maybe it would help to remember that perhaps by 'catching' these girls now, you may have prevented them from moving on to worse mistakes - you may have 'caught' them, in the best possible way.
and i really like your dad's words of advice....wish you'd shared them with me sooner....so i could have passed them on...
which i will do now - somewhat belatedly...
cheers my dear


I agree with Molly, hopefully you have made these girls really think about their life choices. I also love your father's quote. So true. What a night for you!


That is such fantastic advice. Going to tuck that away for future use FOR SURE.


Your dad's words of wisdom are great. I would like to think that I conveyed this message to my children through my behaviour as a role model but perhaps it would have been better to be as explicit as your father had been.


Best blog entry ever. Humour, kindness, gentle love for two girls who screwed up, with a bit of self depracation thrown in. Love it.


Couple things.

1. I think it turns out any modern car is pretty fantastic for keeping you alive and safe. Air bags and crumple zones = magic. I demolished a PT Cruiser on the Tennessee Interstate - it was way undrivable and the tow-truck driver said, "with all that pressure on the front tires from how collapsed the front of the car was, I'm surprised your tires didn't pop". But I walked away with just a bit of neck stiffness. Come to think of it though, it was a white cruiser, so maybe you're right about that colour thing.

2. I love that Gary has a look for "no spinal injuries" and I love that you can read those looks.

3. I have so sympathy for you and for those girls. Goofiness about car colour and safety aside, I know what you're saying and I also vividely recall that teenage feeling of being so young and so foolhardy and also feeling like you just don't know the key to making things work out for the good and what if you make a wrong turn and it does ruin your life? Which is why your dad's advice is so lovely. It makes mistakes okay at the same time that it lays out the best way to avoid the life-ruining ones.

4. My mom's advice was, "just remember, so long as you don't kill anyone and keep yourself alive, there are very few ways to actually RUIN ruin your life. There is always room to start again from where you are and to make something good of what you have."

5. Speaking of which, my mom has a heartwarming story about a stolen car crash that begins with her calling 911 and bringing a blanket out to a girl who actually had taken a spinal injury in that particular crash (her co-car-thief friends having taken off when the car crashed). And ends with the girl having surgery, recovering and first not cooperating with the police but then cooperating with the police and agreeing to testify in the case and telling the police what an impact my mom's kindness after the crash had had on her. And I feel like, even though there weren't spinal injuries to tend to, there was someone who was there, and who, in spite of reporting them to the police was still addressing them with politeness and calm and good grace, asking if they were all right and returning their cell phones, and sometimes you just never know what will come out of even your smallest acts of kindness.


Hm. I got on here to tell that story about the stolen car crash outside my house one frigid December day, only to find that Megan has already told it for me. Guess I should have commented before I went to help Roman hang pictures. ;-D.

Although, how did she manage to comment at 10:30 pm on October 1st, when it's only 9:16 pm on October 1st where I am? I didn't realize that the east side of Saskatoon was in a different time zone.


What an awesome story... I had no idea!


You truly lead an interesting life. Take a vacation. Try not to be associated with any new disasters for a couple weeks and see how you feel.

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